Auricchio New Jersey (The Ambriola Company, Inc.) and Caseartecnica Bartoli

Tuesday, 02 May 2017. News and events

Auricchio New Jersey (The Ambriola Company, Inc.) and Caseartecnica Bartoli

Auricchio buys the machines  Rock 21 and Rock 23, standard version, to improve its service of providing "fresh packaged" pecorino to the US market.

Founded in 1921, Ambriola is one of the largest importers and distributors of Italian cheeses in the US.
The "Ambriola Company", actually very well known in the Large-Scale Retail Trade decides to develop its sector of the “fresh packaged cheese” contacting CASEARTECNICA Bartoli to buy 2 machines which allow to automatically get small and medium-sized slices of cheese.
The choice of this Italian company is justified by the fact that the CASEARTECNICA’s machines are known to be particularly solid (stainless steel), to be simple to manage and to require little maintenance, as well as ensuring perfect performance and to have particularly reduced dimensions.
Two very powerful machines which together ensure a high yield without reaching the size of machines with the same functions, but much larger and complicated to manage.

Geared to work inline, the machines Rock 21 and Rock 23 of CASEARTECNICA Bartoli offer many features that allow the product to be processed in a customized way

The machine Rock 21 automatically cuts the whole cheese in horizontal disks with a specified thickness, according to need.
It also allows you to extract the "cheese’s heart” (the middle), so as to get very small pieces of product avoiding the risk of too thin tips that might break or shatter.

The machine Rock 23 allows to totally automatically cut the cheese into portions of predetermined or variable weight, with operation cycles which don’t require any intervention by the operator. It works perfectly inline with the Rock machine 21 because: once made the cheese discs, they are carried on the rock 23 which proceeds to divide them into small portions, using the set recipes.
It also lets you choose between multiple recipes for different types of products and cutting, set up automatic or manual product loading, cut in standard or "rock" slices (the surface of the cheese cut remains wrinkled, similar to manual cutting, and It keeps all the organoleptic and aesthetic qualities of the product just cut).
All that in a very compact and solid structure.